Monday, July 05, 2010


That is the question I have after 137 minutes of my life spent watching Shutter Island. I encourage the reader to click through and absorb the spoilers, so's not to have any curiosity that would lead him or her to watch the film (or, I suppose, read the book, which I have not, and won't).

... Tho I confess not having known about the Dachau massacre. Which features gratuitously in the overwhelmingly gratuitous film.


  1. Your time would have been better spent watching To Kill A Mockingbird again.

    Or branching out and watching The Story Of Temple Drake.

  2. My time would've been better spent falling off a bicycle.

    ... Temple Drake -- now THERE is a moral influence. Hadn't even known that film existed.

    The movie poster on the Wikipedia page is a hoot -- that is some highly tactical use of shadow, there.

  3. ... Not on Netflix. Very disappointed.

  4. Story Of Temple Drake is pretty interesting-- pre-Hayes code, and was banned for its, um, moral tone once the Hayes code came in. Lots of great light clearly influenced by German expressionism (the lighting of the corn crib scene is amazing), some excellent performances. Doesn't quite jell into a great movie, but way worth watching.

    Scenes like this: Temple to bootleger's wife at the place in the country: "Why do you keep your baby in a [dresser] drawer?" wife: So the rat's won't bite 'em."

    Console yourself with Tomorrow, which has Robert Duvall and is the best of all the Faulkner films. Filmed at the courthouse in Jacinto, too.

  5. The movie poster conveyed the moral tone perfectly. Will investigate "Tomorrow," and await the NMC Film Festival.