Friday, July 02, 2010

The whinging gets to me sometimes

From yet another Elena-Kagan comment thread at the Volokh blog:
It must suck to be a conservative. Evidently, you don’t just have to believe that liberals are destroying the Constitution, which is a scary enough idea — that the country teems with traitors, including everyone who voted for Obama.

No, the paranoia goes deeper: bunches of conservative law profs and judges, the very people who you think are the last ditch of resistance against the liberal-fascistic enemy, are rolling over on their backs and saying that the Kenyan Socialist’s nominee should be confirmed, despite the fact that she is, by definition, an enemy of the United States, devoted to the destruction of the Constitution, and thus no better than Osama bin Laden. Worse, when you think of all the fetuses whose lives she is sworn to end prematurely. 9/11’s got nothing on legalized abortion, right?

Frankly, I don’t know how y’all get through the day. Prozac? Alcohol? Blog commenting?

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  1. Nice post, Anderson. The reaction to Kagan's lack of substantive discussion is especially funny to me since she's already told us why there has to be a lack of substance.