Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(1) Don't read any reviews of Inception before you see it.

(2) See Inception. Yes, it stars DiCaprio. See it anyway.

(3) Then marvel at reviews that find it "hollow emotionally." WTF???

The movie may not be perfect, but it's damn good -- better than Nolan's last non-Batman film, The Prestige.


  1. Perhaps, like those who cannot dream without external assistance, movie critics have spent so much time in artificial pretentiousness that they are incapable of feeling emotion on their own.

    Agreed 100% on all of the above.

  2. I liked it. The wife hated it.

  3. We both loved the film. I've recommended it to everyone I like. Everyone else gets told that "Jonah Hex" is 100% Oscar-bait tour de force.

  4. Some of those "everyone else" are going to come looking for you, PMS.