Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Objectively pro-Republican

Kevin Drum is not happy with Russ Feingold, whose refusal to sign onto the financial reform bill has become a serious problem since the death of Robert Byrd:
What's more, his reasons for doing this don't even make sense. This bill won't prevent another crisis? No it won't, but voting for the status quo does even less. It doesn't break up the big banks? The status quo does even less. It suffers from too much lobbyist influence? Well, Wall Street lobbyists are far more enthusiastic about the status quo than they are about this bill. There are only two choices available here, and on virtually every level Feingold is voting in favor of the alternative that does less of what he says he wants.
Gotta concur with Drum. Principles are nice, but when it's an up and down vote on "better than it was" vs. "just as bad as it was," you have to compromise and vote for the less bad alternative. Which I hope Feingold, said by some to be an intelligent person, will figure out.

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