Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From the Department of I Got Mine

Jon Chait passes along a fascinating Gallup result: people who already enjoy government health care don't want anyone else to enjoy it.
Gallup breaks down views of the Affordable Care Act by age. Oldsters hate it, everybody else loves it:

Chait commenter IowaBeauty:
These retirees who don't understand that they are already the beneficiaries of an efficient social medicine program, or who are selfish enough to think that they are the only ones in society who deserve such a thing, drive me nuts. This includes my usually sensible parents. It's hard for me not to see them all as a bunch of selfish old f***s who don't really care about the future of the country they live in, solely because they're not going to live it in that much longer.

I'm sure I'm wrong, but that's how it feels.
I'm not entirely sure that's wrong . . .

... On further consideration, it may be wrong after all. I'm not so sure that the 65+ crowd's opposition to the ACA is based on anything to do with healthcare. Rather, the law was enacted by Obama and the Democrats, and it's an axiom that everything Obama and the Democrats do is bad for the country. Ergo, the ACA is bad for the country.

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  1. Although it's counter-intuitive that does not surprise me. Old people have a tendency to be selfish and not have patience. Old people are more likely to cut in lines, pull into traffic because they are tired of waiting and revel when others suffer.