Thursday, August 13, 2009

No snorkels for the waterboarding, alas

The NYT has another look at the CIA's torture regime, this time from the angle of its secret prisons. This quote says it all:
The cells were constructed with special features to prevent injury to the prisoners during interrogations: nonslip floors and flexible, plywood-covered walls to soften the impact of being slammed into the wall.
As opposed to preventing injury by not slamming prisoners into walls in the first place. That's special CIA thinking there, boys.

Also interesting is that his role in setting up the prisons seems to be what raised Dusty Foggo to his brief eminence at CIA, before his fraud conviction. Hope his jailers in Kentucky aren't slamming him into any cinderblock walls.

Oh, btw, the (current set of) Geneva Conventions are 60 years old today. Congratulations to the countries that observe them.

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