Tuesday, August 04, 2009


On one occasion Miss Tennant was foolish enough to suggest to [Arthur Balfour] that he was sufficiently self-contained that he would not greatly mind if all his close women friends -- Lady Elcho, Lady Desborough, one or two others, and herself -- were all to die. "I think I should mind if you all died on the same day," he replied after a pause for reflection.
-- Roy Jenkins, Asquith, p. 79 n.

... "Miss Tennant" is of course Margot Tennant, here soon to become Margot Asquith. Jenkins advises us that Margot had also "told Lord Randolph Churchill that he had 'resigned more out of temper than conviction,' and was repaid with an invitation to meet and sit next the Prince of Wales at a supper party, which she attended wearing what most of the women present thought was her nightgown."

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