Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Orleans notes

When a relative can't cancel her hotel reservation and can't use it either, you pretty much have to oblige her by going to NOLA on her behalf, as Mrs TBA and I did last weekend.

Food is never my big thang in NOLA -- I'm there for books and booze, man -- but it seemed disapointing this time. The Mrs loved the spaghetti & meatballs at Irene's; I found the rosemary chicken sitting in a pool of olive oil a bit underwhelming (and would've liked my noodles w/out tomato sauce, but the menu kept that little secret to itself).

Luke -- excuse me, Lüke, like a bad 80s heavy-metal band -- for lunch was pretty to eat in, but my wife was so unhappy with the fried chicken & waffles that I offered to switch: the chicken was very greasy AND included dark meat, a deal-breaker for her. She assured me my burger was very good however. N.b. that, IIRC, the fried chicken & waffles at Mint in Jackson is all-white and much superior. If of course you want to order "chicken & waffles."

Consulting NMC's blog, I tried to order a Papa Double, but learned that the bartender had no clue what this was. So I settled for introducing myself to Arrogant Bastard ale, which was more fitting anyway, even if I am slowly doubling in size.

Went to see The King's Speech at Canal Place, at $14/ticket plus the overwrought pricing for their "dinner cinema." May think twice about going there again unless it's a movie I can't see elsewhere. The flick was all right -- Baldwin's character neither looked nor behaved like him, but I guess the studio figured no one knows who Stanley Baldwin is so what the hey. This NYRB blog post's first paragraph pretty well captures the film.


  1. My last visit to Luke, late last year, was a disappointment, and this seem to be going around. Weirdest thing: I noted then they had forgotten how to make a papa double. What is so weird about that is that one of their bartenders suggested it to my wife in the first place!

  2. I can't think of a reason to eat there again, though a mid-afternoon seat at the bar might be pleasant.

    Are Besh's other restaurants sliding as well?

  3. Don't really know; I tried Domenica last time in New Orleans. It was so-so. I've never eaten in August, the one across the lake, American Sector, or the casino steak place. But the length of that list suggests over-extension as a possibility.