Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I mean, I've never seen Qaddafi and Iron Man in the same room ...

Saw this pic at Sullyblog, and it disturbed me.

Because however clever it was to kidnap Qaddafi and insinuate Robert Downey, Jr. in his place, shouldn't Downey have stopped short of tanks and bombers to keep his cover? Enough is enough!

... This post reminded me to look up the fate of the greatest double agent ever, the secret policeman whose cover went SOOOOOO deep as to orchestrate the assassination of the head of the secret police. I'd always assumed he was executed, but he got away to Germany; died in Berlin in 1918. There oughta be a movie.


  1. I see that after being retired from the double-agent business, he made his living as a corset salesman.

    Always working undercover, I guess.