Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm guessing "healthcare" wouldn't go over too well, either

Use "case law" rather than "caselaw.” See Memorandum from Charles Fried to OSG Attorneys (Oct. 2, 1987) (calling for "total extirpation" of this "barbarism").
Thus the USDOJ Office of the Solicitor General Style Manual, a document of which I learned via a Volokh post. Not linked on the OSG's site, but they will e-mail you a copy, it turns out.

The manual's purpose is to supplement the Bluebook for the stylistic peculiarities of the Supreme Court. It seems that there must be a Supreme Court Style Manual on which this document is patterned, and indeed, there must be a fair number of ex-clerks working in OSG, so the exact genesis of this manual would be of interest.

Anyway, now you can cite the SG way! Use only as directed.

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