Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kagan terrorized students, ergo, she's a terrorist!

Just like that Kenyan to nominate a terrorist to the Supreme Court!

... Srsly: Above the Law runs a post by a Civ Pro I student of Kagan's at Harvard, who reports that Kagan was prickly with Harvard Law students who ... ah ... didn't do their reading:
I hated the Socratic method, and while many people in my section were so terrified of Kagan that they did their Civ Pro reading before anything else, I quickly fell into the habit of not doing my Civ Pro reading. Hell, we were just going to spend half of class rehashing what people already read the night before. In my 1L mind, I was being efficient.

So it came that one Friday morning I was cold-called. I wasn’t even in the ballpark of being prepared. But I didn’t want to waste everybody’s time. So I responded: “Professor Kagan, honestly I didn’t get to all of the reading for today’s class. Sadly, I think I need to pass on this one.”

Bzzt. Wrong answer:

PROFESSOR KAGAN: Well, Mr. Mystal, did you manage to remember your casebook?
1L ELIE: Yes. But like I said, I didn’t …
PROFESSOR KAGAN: Do you think you could be bothered to OPEN your casebook?
1L ELIE: (I have a bad feeling about this.) Yes. Abso…
PROFESSOR KAGAN: Please turn to page [whatever]… Now read.
1L ELIE: (Reading silently.)
1L ELIE: (Channeling Nathan Jessup: I’m not an idiot, I don’t need to read aloud like I’m a five year old.) Umm … Okay. (Much reading aloud.)
PROFESSOR KAGAN: Now, can you explain to me what you just read?
1L ELIE: (I can’t even remember what I blathered.)
PROFESSOR KAGAN: Mr. Mystal, open to page [same page as before], and TRY AGAIN!
Well all right then. Me, if I were teaching at Harvard Law, and thus teaching incredibly privileged young people, and found that some of them had so much contempt for their good fortune in life that they weren't even doing their homework ... well, Kagan wouldn't have nothin' on Prof. TBA, lemme tell ya.

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