Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cool word of the day

"Lucubrations" means, literally, thoughts or writings generated in artificial light, and now carries the implication of something a bit preciously expressed or reasoned, such that you had to stay up late to come up with it.

A holdover from the day when it was considered a bit much to actually use a lamp and stay up writing after dark.

(Courtesy of the OED in the Fifth Circuit's library.)


  1. And now you've given me this. Thank you!

    Yahoo! This is your lucubration
    Yahoo! This is your lucubration

    Lucubrate all night, come on! (Let's lucubrate)
    Lucubrate all night, come on! (Let's lucubrate)

    There's some thinkin' goin' on right here
    A lucubration to fill your foes with tears,
    So bring your textbooks, and your Google too
    We gonna lucubrate at your party with you

    Come on now

    Let's all lucubrate and have a good time
    We gonna lucubrate and have a good time

    It's time to come together
    Try to look smart, beyond all measure

    Everyone around the world
    Come on!

    Yahoo! It's a lucubration...

    ((Somehow I think this could be an anti-example of lucubrations))

  2. No, PMS, you definitely spent too much time thinking that up. I'm giving it the "lucubration" stamp.

    (The extra bonus about the word is the vaguely obscene sound it has, a la "lubricious" and "lubrication.")

    We need an expert in Faux Latin to coin the parallel word for "thoughts conceived in the light of a computer screen."

  3. I'm only a faux expert in Latin, so I can't be of much help. Pretty much that song thing is my only skill.

  4. And quite a skill. Lazy song lyrics are my pet peeve; we should be making our fortunes adding variations to Britney Spears choruses.