Thursday, March 04, 2010

BREAKING! Tabloid has no clue! MUST CREDIT TBA!

Via Orin Kerr, this shocking news:
John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, is seriously considering stepping down from the nation’s highest court for personal reasons, has learned exclusively.
So exclusive was this news that it apparently was not known to, um, John Roberts:
Update: has obtained new information that Justice Roberts will NOT resign. The justice will be staying on the bench.
That's "Chief Justice Roberts, Plaintiff" to you, Radar. Well, just kidding about the "plaintiff" part -- I have no exclusive news there.

Even given that Roberts does have some history of seizures, as ATL notes (h/t Adler), it's not known as yet exactly HOW RadarOnline was led to such a wild notion. "Someone deliberately fucking with them" is the obvious, if incomplete, answer. All I can say is, wasn't me.

... Ah, Adler had the wrong ATL link. It looks like ATL's server is about to go boom -- I can't get to the story -- but Gawker has the goods:
Two separate first-year Georgetown Law students told Above the Law that Professor Peter Tague opened class today with the "news" that John Roberts would be stepping down.

Our criminal justice professor started our 9am lecture with the news that roberts will be resigning tomorow for health reasons- that he could not handle the administrative burdens of the job. He would not say how he knows- but halfway through our lecture on the credibility and reliability of informants he revealed that the Roberts rumor was made up to show how someone you ordinarily think is credible and reliable (ie a law professor) can disseminate inaccurate information.

So, according to this version of events, some law student/AMI "source" texted the breaking news to someone at as soon as they heard it, and they just ran with it. Professor Tague has taught us all an important lesson, today.
Dunno about the rest of Roberts's defamation suit, but I think he's got a good shot at proving actual malice.

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