Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Gates to leave, Panetta to Defense, Petraeus to CIA?

We knew Gates was ready to leave, but this suggests a grave lack of talent in Democratic ranks. Panetta's inability to reform CIA does not bode well for his taking over the Pentagon. And Petraeus at CIA is simply, well, weird.


  1. What this represents is not lack of talent but rather a complete and total failure of nerve. A decision to only make choices that require no struggle whatsoever. Go along with the insider expectations and they won't rock the boat.

    This lack of a willingness to stand up, except very rarely, is my primary frustration with that administration. They stood up, pretty much, on health care (although allowed it to be dinged up pretty badly). What else have they fought for?

  2. Fighting isn't bipartisan, NMC.