Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fortunately for most of America, they're clustered where I live

Obama's long-form birth certificate has provided yet more empirical evidence for ... the crazification factor:
A new SurveyUSA poll finds that of those who have seen President Obama's newly-released detailed birth certificate, 71% are satisfied that he was born in the United States but 18% still have doubts and another 10% say the document released by the White House is a forgery.
28%. It's like the blackbody curve. Plus, the 18/10 split suggests we may be able to pin down the Special/General crazification values.
John: Objectively crazy or crazy vis-a-vis my own inertial reference frame for rational behaviour? I mean, are you creating the Theory of Special Crazification or General Crazification?

Tyrone: Hadn't thought about it. Let's split the difference. Half just have worldviews which lead them to disagree with what you consider rationality even though they arrive at their positions through rational means, and the other half are the core of the Crazification -- either genuinely crazy; or so woefully misinformed about how the world works, the bases for their decision making is so flawed they may as well be crazy.
So the core value is around 10%.


  1. Any time you try to hide something it naturally arouses suspision. Obama could have released this three years ago and it would have taken all of one minute of his time. Why didn't he? Do I think the birth certificate is a forgery? Probably not. Do I think further investigation is needed? Absolutely. When politicians try to hide something, we need to work hard to find out what it is they are trying to hide and why they are trying to hide it. Those who have doubts should be allowed to investigate until they no longer have doubts.

    As a reminder, the episode with George Bush's "National Guard papers" should remind us all that the Democrats are experts at making forged documents to suit their ends. So even though I may not think the birth certificate is forged, the idea that it might be forged is not "crazy." It's Democratic politics as usual.

  2. Sigh. No one "hid" anything. He produced the same short-form birth cert that you or I would produce for any purpose. What's out now is the archived original that the HI agency doesn't ordinarily release.

    "Do I think further investigation is needed? Absolutely."

    You go right on and think that.

  3. ... Re: the National Guard papers, "the Democrats" did not forge anything, and the forgeries were so "inexpert" as to be easily exploded. But then, you do not appear terribly interested in factual details.

  4. TBA, I just honestly don't understand why it has taken three years to produce the birth certificate. It's been an issue, so why wasn't it put to rest long ago?

    As for the Guard papers, the Internet was much younger in 2000. Were it not for a couple of astute bloggers, the Gore-Rather camp would have gotten away with the forgery. Had it been 1992 they likely would have gotten away with it. Even after most laymen could easily see that the documents were forged, Dan Rather continued to get on the air and insist that they were real. Even though the documents were obvious forgeries, the mainstream press wasn't going to report that fact until they were forced to do so.

  5. " It's been an issue" You are a moron. Sorry, but you have to face facts. The fact that you're in good company doesn't change the fact that you're as moronic as someone who claims Elvis is alive or that the earth is flat.