Thursday, March 17, 2011

So apparently we're going to war?

Just so you know. Sullivan wonders "by what authority" can Obama commit forces on the strength of a UN resolution? Ask Harry Truman.


  1. I'm horribly conflicted about this one (review prior reactions at the time-- Iraq? 100% opposed. Afganistan? Viewed it as arguable, was not opposed but dubious about planning and then thought it clearly fouled up. Gulf War I? Thought we bailed on people we'd given reason to hope and let them get massacred). But I have the feeling of watching the tanks roll in to Hungary in 1958 or on the Czechs a decade later and find it unbearably sad.

    We can't be set up to solve every issue by military force. But I am going to have trouble watching this evil man crush this while no one does anything.

  2. That's kinda how I feel on this one, and I think it made sense to go the UN route.

    Still, it's rather dumbfounding how we've essentially backed into a war. Maybe the UN's pressure will knock out enough of Qaddafi's props that he decides it's Game Over, and we won't be sending ground troops. Maybe.