Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another win from Ogden & Kidd

We've noted before the remarkable success plaintiffs have when represented by Ashley Ogden in a tort suit presided over by the Honorable Winston Kidd. The Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter (a most useful publication) brings news of another verdict: $3.6 million for water damage to an apartment and alleged subsequent mold injuries which however produced less than $4K of medicals. The clever theory of recovery is impressive:
Important to this case, Ohazurike is a designer of Bible-based board games. While to date, Ohazurike hasn’t generated any profits from his games, he has generated several valuable designs that were ready for the market.
His game designs were destroyed (and, evidently, not reconstructable?) So, in addition to $500,000 "suffering" per member of the family, the plaintiff took $2M for "lost profits." He'd asked $17M, so that seems only fair. The silly defendants found the lost profits "speculative," and their carping post-trial motions were denied by the honorable court.

I'd like to say with confidence that the plaintiffs would be insane not to settle this case for about 20% of the verdict before the damages can be reversed on appeal, but who knows.

Another great result from Ogden & Kidd!

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