Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Most overrated Jackson restaurant?

I would've said Broad Street (shredded lettuce??? gmafb), but lunch at CS's today has just changed my mind. I don't think I've been in there for 20 years, and I hope to wait that long for the next visit.

(1) Broiled burger tasteless and unappealing.

(2) Ordered cheddar on burger; got burger with GRATED cheddar added at last minute, not even melted. That was a first for me.

(3) Asked for beer. Selection: Bud Lite, Michelob Ultra, Heineken, Corona. This in a restaurant across the street from the most expensive college in the state, and with shelves displaying dusty, empty bottles of wonderful beers. After getting my food, I was depressed enough to need a second beer, and ordered another Heineken. Oops, that was the last one!

Against that, the waitress was pleasant enough, the fries were all right, and I liked the old Cat's Music bumpersticker on the door:
Someone who put some slight effort into decent burgers and a beer selection could work wonders.


  1. Suddenly I'm wondering if proximity to that campus has an inverse relation to quality...

    I've been in this place once and didn't return. But then I've got the out-of-towners point of view: I go where I love, because I'm not there all the time. Thus you can usually find me lunching at the Mayflower if I have any opportunity.

    Seriously, though: Can it be overrated without someone rating it highly? On the other hand, it's always good to vent about a bad experience.

  2. Believe it or not, some people around here do swear by CS's. I went because a colleague was talking it up. I have to conclude that their meals are seasoned with memories.