Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You know, some days you just really cannot bring yourself to give a fuck?

Those are not good blogging days. Those are days you should go read someone else's blog.

Here, via Jessa "Bookslut" Crispin, is the blog of George Szirtes, "poet and translator." Here in particular is his delightful trashing of Helen Vendler's attempt at reading "Anedcote of the Jar." He understands it as well as I understand it, which I guess makes us both smart, or something.

I bought Metropole (tr. Szirtes) on the strength of Crispin's excitement for it, and have hopes (high hopes?) of reading it on the plane tomorrow. It would be better if I were flying someplace foreign, but I expect Sarasota to be only mildly unfamiliar.

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