Friday, May 13, 2011

"Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People"

The coldest Onion article since "Pope Forgives Molested Children":
"Every day I am haunted by the fact that I gave impoverished Massachusetts citizens a chance to receive health care," Romney told reporters Wednesday, adding that he feels ashamed whenever he looks back at how he forged bipartisan support to help uninsured Americans afford medicine to cure their illnesses. "I'm only human, and I've made mistakes. None bigger, of course, than helping cancer patients receive chemotherapy treatments and making sure that those suffering from pediatric AIDS could obtain medications, but that's my cross to bear."

"My hope is that Republican voters will one day forgive me for making it easier for sick people--especially low-income sick people--to go to the hospital and see a doctor," Romney added. "It was wrong, and I'm sorry."

According to Romney, if he could do things over again, he would do everything he could to make certain that uninsured individuals got sicker and sicker until they died. Promising his days of trying to provide medical coverage to the gravely ill are behind him, Romney said that if elected president, he would never even think about increasing anyone's quality of life or trying to lower the infant mortality rate.

In addition, Romney repeatedly apologized for wanting to help people suffering from diabetes, Crohn's disease, and anemia. * * *

"The only solace I can take is in the hope that some of the folks I helped were terminally ill patients who eventually withered away and died," Romney added. * * *

I don't think I can vote for someone like that," Pennsylvania Republican Eric Tolbert said. "He says he's sorry, but how do I know that's the real Mitt Romney? What happens if he gets elected and tries to help sick people again?"


  1. OT - TBA lives!

    I was being sarcastic over at VC. My link was to the Jane Mayer New Yorker article on the NSA whistleblower case.

    Anyway, good to know you're still out here blogging, as a once and future commenter on the variuos iterations of your stie.

  2. I think that's spelled "your sty," Ugh. ;) Good to see you're still plugging away.

    I was googling re: Hamdan and found my comments to a 2006 VC post, which is always a bit uncanny. I seem to be more polite these days ... old age is setting in.