Thursday, July 02, 2009

Reality bit

Even less posting than usual this week -- it says something about the practice of law today that after six years with my firm, yesterday was the first time I ever questioned witnesses at a hearing (as opposed of course to a deposition, of which, lots). The court didn't rule against my client from the bench, which counts as a victory, I think.

The court personnel (white folks), in a rural Mississippi county whose history suggests they ought to know better, were cracking Obama jokes before the judge arrived. I was more bemused than annoyed, especially since they weren't very good jokes (Obama's going to put Michael Jackson on the $1 bill!), and I've heard better. Always interesting to be reminded where the GOP gets its votes.

Meanwhile, RNC chair Michael Steele continues to cover himself with glory, trying to spin Franken's apparently pending admission to the Senate:
I can say without hesitation that this government is totally theirs... Everything that comes out of it and everything that results from it is on their plate.
Good thinking, Mike! Could you let us have the Supreme Court, too, on that logic? If Obama's reelected in 2012, Steele will doubtless be thrilled at all the responsibility the Dems will labor under. In fact, I think it's his duty as RNC chair to see to it that as many Dems are elected as possible.

... Sarah Palin, meanwhile, continues to outshine Steele:
de Nies : ... on a lighter note. Sarah Palin, in an interview with Runner's World, said that in a one-on-one with the president, she thinks she has more endurance. Would he consider going for a run with the Alaska governor?

GIBBS: That's an interesting question. How's her jump shot? I guess it depends on where they were going to run. I don't -- make there's a terrain advantage in a place like Alaska. But I will certainly ask him if he's -- if he's got any free time in the summer to do that.
The better response would've been, "That's an interesting question, and I think my response to Governor Palin would have to be, 'Fool, the prez is half Kenyan. Bring it on!'"

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