Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where to read about the torture memos

The new memos are being given a close reading at Emptywheel and at Opinio Juris -- lots of good stuff, too much to link. Emptywheel is doing an especially good job of teasing out hints at the content of the CIA's report from its inspector general, who evidently found that torture was indeed going on -- and thus had to be squelched by the 2005 Bradbury memos.

No real discussion in Volokh Conspiracy posts, but I've been wasting a good bit of time in various threads.

Scott Horton hasn't gotten a real post up yet, but he does reprint at Balkinization an interview with "the UN rapporteur for torture" (who knew?), and Brian Tamanaha (the only Balkin poster who seems to care anymore, now that Obama's president) has a sharp post on the circular reasoning of the memos.

I'm sure there's lots more out there, but this is what I've seen so far.

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